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If winning the Worlds was not enough for Paul McBeth, he needed to set even higher bars to cross for everyone around him. The now 5x world champion set the all-time highest rating for the PDGA EVER! It seems just like yesterday he was just crossing over from Innova to Discraft. The company wanted to congratulate Paul on his excellent adventure this year with a Swirly ESP Tour Series with his rating shining through the disc, 1060.

Why is Paul Mcbeth done with the season? Well in an Instagram post from the man himself he said,

Unfortunately, I re-aggregated an injury on the first hole of the tournament. My right ankle had a severe pop during my putt, I even question “what was that pop.” On my way to the basket. I don’t know the full extent yet so I’ve been avoiding the injury question but once I have more answers I will fill you all in.

This was at the United States Disc Golf Championship at Rockhill SC where he elaborated on how truly blessed he is for having the best fans in the world. Seeing all the PM hats and shirts blew him away. He was hoping to secure a "grand slam", but life had another path for him. He did finish the tournament that day holding his head high in pain finishing 64th.

We here at Disc Golf Shopping hope for a speedy recovery and the best for Paul as he starts the required healing process for his ankle and hopes it's not too severe. He's currently sitting in 10th place for the PDGA National Tour, but with a number like 1060, I would call this year a gigantic success!

The Discraft Tour Series 2019 Paul McBeth 1060 Anax is the third disc in Paul McBeth's line-up, a Fairway Driver. All we need now is a Mid-Range to finish his collection! This is a 10 speed, high glide with no turn and a reliable fade at the end of the flight. Paul McBeth would not put his name on a disc he didn't trust and rely on. Many people already are butchering the name as it's pronounced Onyx. What does Anax Mean? Anax, the ancient Greek word for "Tribal Chief". Is Discraft trying to say something here? Is Paul McBeth their leader?

Speed: 10 | Glide: 6 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 3 | PDGA APPROVED


The ESP material has been redesigned with advanced plastic technology! The new ESP line by Discraft features improved durability and strength, tackier grip and unique swirl color combos. The new versions will showcase the new Universal Four Flight Number System along with the current Discraft Stability Rating.

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