DD3 Cloud Breaker - Swirl S-Line (Eagle McMahon Signature Series)

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In the popular Swirl S-Line plastic, the Cloud Breaker brings great durability and grip to handle even the strongest of throws.

The Cloud Breaker isn’t the most overstable disc in our lineup, but it isn’t designed to be. It has enough stability at high speeds to handle everything you can put into it. Even if it shows a little turn, you can trust that it won’t flip over on you. Reach back and let it rip... the Cloud Breaker won’t back down. With a perfect amount of glide the Cloud Breaker will perform a full flight before it starts to slow down. The fade is very predictable, but it won’t overpower anything. Even on a forehand shot, the Cloud Breaker can be a very trustworthy selection in your bag.

If pure distance is what you are looking for the Cloud Breaker will deliver.

McMahon says,"The DD3 reinvented the way I think about distance shots. Whether I’m throwing backhand or sidearm, the DD3 gives me confidence looking down the fairway."

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