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Keystone - Zero Medium Sunburn Splatter(EK64 Run)

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Latitude 64 Zero Medium Sunburn Splatter Keystone EK64 Run

Important Info
The Splatter technique is something brand new from the Latitude 64 laboratory. However, they discovered that this first batch of Keystones has a flaw they were not happy with. The color does not bond great with the plastic blend and has the risk of being peeled off in the center top and bottom of the disc where the red color is most visible. Therefore, we have named this experimental batch Sunburn Splatter Keystone, and we will offer them at a lower price. We recommend you to be careful when drying off the discs. This product has a no return policy.

A good short game is what ties everything together on the course. The Keystone is here to support you. It has a beadless, rounded edge and medium depth. The flight path is understable. With the Keystone you will get easy turnovers and straight flights even at low speeds. Build your short game on the Keystone and reach new heights!

Speed: 2 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 1

About Zero Medium:
Zero Line is the soft grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. Zero Medium is right between Zero Soft and Zero Hard.

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