PD Lone Howl II- Swirly S-Line - Colten Montgomery Signature Series

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The Lone Howl brings together one of our most popular discs in one of our most popular plastic bends. The great grip of the Swirl S-Line plastic gives you a lot of confidence in an already trustworthy disc. The plastic in this run is a bit flexible with a flatter top than some PD runs.

In the air, you’ll also notice a bit more glide than previous Swirl S-Line PDs. The glide will help you get a little extra distance out on the course with the same flight you’ve come to love in the PD.

Compared to the Color Glow PDs, these will be a little more overstable. On the other side of things, these will be less overstable than the previous S-Line and C-Line PDs. Think of the Lone Howl as something right in the middle.

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