Zone - TI FLX 2022 Ledgestone

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Wave 3 Ledgestone

The 2022 Ledgestone Discraft Ti FLX Zone is made with shimmery, flexible Titanium plastic and a limited edition stamp. This may be the only time this disc is released in Titanium FLX plastic, so don't miss your chance.

The Ti FLX Zone is one of the most famous Discraft molds and is used by nearly every Discraft-sponsored athlete. This disc is the definition of trustworthy: extremely immune to the wind with a rigid, predictable fade at the end of its flight. 

This batch of Zones are very flat (almost puddle topped), and are slightly less glidey than average. Titanium FLX plastic offers incredible grip and can withstand a ton of damage while preserving its stability. It also feels natural for forehand upshots and offers a smooth, pure release.


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